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(4D Scan Packages)

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The medical profession has been using ultrasound for over 30 years. Ultrasound has been extensively researched and no known risks have ever been identified or proven, therefore ultrasound is thought to be a safe procedure during pregnancy. Many companies use the same ultrasound techniques used within the NHS which gives extra reassurance. The investment is the only difference, many companies use the up-to-the-minute scanning machine, which makes astonishing 2D, 3D and 4D moving images.The best time for a consultation is between 22 and 32 weeks gestation in order to get the most suitable images.According to the professionals there are no known risks associated with this procedure to either the mother or baby. However, as an added precaution, some companies make every effort to keep scanning times to a minimum, whilst obtaining the best potential images of the baby. Many companies set their ultrasound machines to a low setting - the A.L.A.R.A principle, which stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable, but can still get incredible images. In addition, look for a company that follow the scanner settings endorsed by BMUS, British Medical Ultrasound Society.Most companies offer detailed in-depth 3D and 4D scanning packages available with no concealed charges or decreased appointment times. No scan should be rushed. A sonographer will also take various measurements of the baby during a developement and growth scan, often included in the package. From these parents can be reassured that their baby is developing normally and the baby's weight can also be calculated. Some companies charge up to £195 extra for the well baby health screen so ensure what your package includes.Companies should have a claim high success rates (look for at least 90%) and should not charge you for a rescan if they cannot obtain good images on your initial visit. Scans can also determine gender.High frequency sound waves build up a 2D image during your scan. A 3D image is then made by the sonographer using the latest scanning technology. When real time is added, you then see the 4D moving image of your baby. Guests including siblings can also accompany Mum.Only fully qualified ultrasound sonographers should carry out scans. Check qualifications of the staff that will be scanning you.Most scans are performed as non-medical and non-diagnostic. They are intended to assist in a wonderful early bonding experience for both parents. Initial hospital abnormality scan are usually carried out before any 3D or 4D scan.Research has shown that expectant parents who have experienced a 3D and 4D Scan, bond with their child significantly earlier. This is particularly true of fathers, who can relate to the pregnancy and bond with their child while still in the womb.What's more, studies have shown that women who maintain an unhealthy life style during pregnancy are more likely to make drastic, advantageous changes after experiencing a 3D scan.All this plus often DVD recording, CD Rom and colour photographs are prepared for you to take home at the end of your scan. What's not to like? As long as you pay a visit to a reputable company and choose the correct package for you, your 4D baby scan will give you lasting memories and mementos of an unforgettable experience.

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